Children are the future of a country and in Thailand, they are considered the most valuable resource of the nation.

There is a Thai saying that states, “Children are the future of the nation, if the children are intelligent, the country will be prosperous.”

Thailand observes National Children’s Day (Thai: วันเด็กแห่งชาติ) on the second Saturday of January every year. It is known as “Wan Dek”. This day is celebrated with fun activities for children and introduces them to their significant role towards the development of the country.

On the Friday before Children’s Day, schools throughout Thailand lay on special events. Younger children take part in dance shows and teachers hand out presents to the students. The emphasis is on sanuk.

The Thai concept of sanuk often gets translated as meaning ‘fun’ but sanuk is more than having fun, it is about striving to achieve satisfaction and pleasure from whatever you do. Thai people will always strive to inject a sense of enjoyment into their daily life.