One of the most effortless, yet effective ways to relieve stress is by using aromatherapy. Exposing yourself to strong smelling essential oils can positively affect your hormone production, brain chemistry and stress levels.

Some research has been done that shows that aromatherapy can alter brain waves and behavior, while reducing the perception of stress, increase contentment and decrease levels of cortisol. Since different aromatherapy scents bring different effects on people, research has shown that lavender aromatherapy can help reduce crying in infants and promote sleep in infants and adults.

Essential oils used in Aromatherapy massage help with:

  • Supporting the immune system
  • Providing stress relief
  • Offering relaxation
  • Enhancing sleep
  • Easing muscle tension and pain
  • Supporting emotional balance.

Massage Duration: 60Min/75Min/90Min/120Min